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Learn Mandarin Chinese Tone


Learn Mandarin Chinese Tone is a FREE and easy use Chinese learning app for those who are interested in improving Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, especially Chinese four TONES. In Mandarin Chinese, “wǒ wèn nǐ” means “I ask you” and “wǒ wěn nǐ” means “I kiss you”. The difference of the two sentences is just the tone marker on “wen”. Mandarin Tones are very important in Chinese cause it can distinguish words meaning. And that’s why we released the special and new app: Learn Mandarin Chinese Tone!!!
You can use fingers to draw the tone marker on the screen to present every character’s tone. The app will give you an instant feedback. The whole learning progress is game based. Challenging ears with Gamification elements will make learning a lot of fun and efficient. It covers nearly 1000 words’ practice and will have more in the future.
When you visit China next time, you friends will be shocked by your elegant pronunciation.